But You're Still So Young

Kayleen Schaefer's But You're Still So Young challenges outdated ideas about the traditional markers of adulthood with a potent combination of wit and a keen observational eye. The book focuses on one of sociologists' five markers of adulthood: completing school, moving out, getting married, becoming financially independent, and having children. But Schaefer then uses real-life stories of modern-day to prove there's no right way to be an adult.

Good Eggs

Good Eggs by Rebecca Hardiman is a warm and funny novel about three generations of a family who are forced to confront their issues when a home aide comes to care for the clan's mischievous grandmother. At 83, Kevin Gogarty's mother, Millie, is still getting into all kinds of trouble. And since his wife always seems to be away, Kevin decides to hire a home aide to care for Millie. What he doesn't expect is for the newcomer to force his entire family to face their problems head on.

In the Quick

A determined astronaut fights to bring home a crew that's been missing for years in Kate Hope Day's imaginative sci-fi adventure In the Quick. When June was 12, the Inquiry which was fuelled by cells that her late uncle invented went missing. Now a trained astronaut herself, June is determined to rescue the Inquiry's crew in her uncle's honour, even though the rest of the world seems to have given up on them.