Ashley Park shared moving message over violence against Asian community

Emily in Paris star Ashley Park shared an emotional message in the wake of shooting attacks that left eight people dead. The actress was teary-eyed in her video message, which she captioned, "Deadly shootings targeting Asian Women in Atlanta. Some of these ramblings are very personal, but I decided to share because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." In the video, Ashley quoted Pachinko author Min Jin Lee, who tweeted her own message after the attacks, which came just days after Steven Yeun became the first Asian-American to be nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his work in Minari. "We had a historic Asian Oscar moment with multiple firsts in 93 years – then a mass shooting targeting three Asian-owned businesses," the writer tweeted. Ashley continued, "These things happen when people have rage and entitlement, and when they prey on the weak. I really don't want to cry right now, because I do not want to perpetuate the idea that Asian women are weak, because we're not." The star who scored a Tony nomination for her role in Mean Girls, also spoke about the thousands of hate crimes against Asian people each year.