Ushna Shah becomes the new Goodwill Ambassador for World Wildlife Fund Pakistan

Advocating animal rights

Ushna Shah, a talented and versatile actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry, has become the goodwill ambassador of the renowned environmental organisation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan. “Honoured to join hands with WWFPAK as the Goodwill Ambassador and be a part of the panda family. WWF’s mission is working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and nature. I am grateful for this platform and cannot wait to get to work with these dedicated & passionate individuals,” the actor shared the joyful moment on her Instagram. The organisation also made an announcement and welcomed Ushna to the WWF family. “We are delighted to welcome Ushna Shah as our Goodwill ambassador. Besides being a brilliant actress, Ushna is an ardent environmental activist and a fervent supporter of animal rights, protection of endangered species in Pakistan, and conserving the environment. WWF welcomes Ushna to the panda family and hopes that the partnership will bring great value to our mission of nature conservation in Pakistan,” the post said.