Asim Azhar and ‘Young Stunners’ collaborate for a breakup song

Song review

Listen, breakups are hard. No one's arguing with that point. We mean, other than the people who magically found their soulmate on the first try (and to those people, we say, how did you get here? This is not the playlist for you, go head over to happiest love songs or whatever). But if you're lodged deep in a hole and need a good breakup song, Asim Azhar and Young Stunners latest song Yaad is here to save you. The music for Yaad has been composed by Asim Azhar while the rap has been composed by Young Stunners. The lyrics for the song have been penned by Asim Azhar, Talha Anjum, Talhah Yunus and Raamis Ali. This song perfectly expresses heartache and it stands to reason that great artists turn out great work when putting their minds together.