Kristen Stewart stuns in her portrayal of Princess Diana in the upcoming film

A new official image of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana has been released and the resemblance between the actress and the late royal is downright eerie. The 30-year-old Twilight alum portrays the Princess of Wales, in the upcoming film Spencer. The movie, whose title is Diana's maiden name, is set in 1991 and depicts the princess' Christmas holiday with the royal family in England, during which the princess decides to end her marriage to Prince Charles following much relationship turmoil. In the new photo, Kristen wears a red and green plaid jacket and white top and replicas of Diana's gold wedding band and iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring. This marks the second official image from the film and the fourth time the actress has been seen publicly in character. Filming recently moved to the United Kingdom. Spencer is set for release this fall, less than a year before the 25th anniversary of Diana's 1997 death at age 36. Jack Farthing, star of the BBC series Poldark, plays Charles in the film.