Mehwish Hayat TI

Many congratulations @adeem_younis – I always said that you should write a book about your inspiring story and how you made @pennyappeal what it is. I’ve been proud to have been part of that journey. Once the pandemic is over, let’s pick up the gauntlet and rebuild those schools.

Hania Aamir

Honoured and humbled to have a bespoke fragrance by my name now available online at – introducing, Hania Aamir by Kohasaa!

Adnan Siddiqui

His ‘I love you’ is clasping your hand, patting your back, tapping your head, ruffling your hair and…. denying permission for a night out with friends. #HappyFathersDay to the only hero of our lives.

Ushna Shah

You have done more by showing kindness as well as lack of unkindness than you know. As I try to maneuver through life in hopes of evolving into a better version of myself, I try to practice gratitude in challenging moments that come my way. Hence: Thank You.

Ali Zafar

Exactly what was needed at this hour. Same should be implemented here. “Canada to Make Online Hate Speech a Crime Punishable by $16,000 Fine.”