Faisal Kapadia reveals the real reason why Strings had to break up

Why they split?

All the good things in life come to an end. That’s right, even your favourite band can split. Whether they break up as a result of artistic differences or are ripped apart by tragedy, many major and essential music artists call it quits during their careers. But the most notable band dissolution that took place this year and left us devastated was the breakup of Pakistan’s most beloved band Strings. But what was the reason behind the band’s breakup? Faisal Kapadia finally answered the question fans have wanted to know in a recent interview on The MJ Show video podcast. In conversation with Mihir Joshi, the Strings alum said, “We were thinking about what we are going to do after 30. See, Strings could go on, we could be 70 years old and still have Strings since it is our love and something we have lived with. But we were looking at the band like when you’ve lived a really good life and you start to think that it’s better to end it right here on a good note.” Faisal also shared that he and Bilal thought they were at that point in life where they should focus more on the family. “Me and Bilal just turned 50 this year. We thought 50 is a great number and now we need to spend more time with our families.” He continued, “As a band to make things work, you have to let go of and sacrifice a lot of things. But now we thought let’s do whatever we want to.”