Zara Tareen calls out LSA’s broken category rules for undermining legitimate supporting actors

Speaking truth

The entertainment industry sells on the brand of an actor’s stardom. Yes, they’re mutually exclusive, but extremely necessary to survive in the world of cinema. If you’re an actor, you don’t need any stardom. And if you’re a star, it doesn’t really matter if you can act. There’s a horde of actors who play supporting roles to the protagonists, give the film a new lease of credibility and yet they go unnoticed. The stars walk away with the massive paycheck, and these actors slowly become ‘has-beens’. Highlighting this issues, actor and photographer Zara Tareen calls out the recent Lux Style Awards 2021 nominations for not having a category for supporting actors. She took to her social media and said, "There is absolutely no incentive and zero future for supporting actors to lend their talents to this industry. If you're not going to have that category, then you cannot call your category 'best actor/actress' when only lead performances are considered. It's incorrect. Call it what it is, 'best actor/actress in a leading role', or 'favourite actor/actress'. 20 years later and the format hasn't moved beyond teen awards."