The Power Of Ali Zafar

After his hit single Channo, Ali Zafar experienced dizzying heights of fame that marked him as one of the top entertainers of Pakistan. However, his debut as an actor dates back to the 90s’ sitcom Kollege Jeans – way before Channo happened – while he was still a student at the National College of Arts (NCA). In the quest to make some money to produce his very own music album, Ali worked as a live sketch artist in a five star’s lobby, as well as sung at events, modelled and acted side-by-side. In 2002, he marked his drama debut with the iconic TV drama Landa Bazaar, which included a star-studded cast.

The talented artiste is much loved across the border, as well, especially by his female fans. And in all our honesty, who can blame them? [wink, wink]. With his comic across-the-border films, Tere Bin Laden, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (MBKD) and London, Paris, New York, Ali Zafar manages to bedazzle the audience, wherever he goes. He was also bestowed with several awards in India for his performance in MBKD.

With his charming smile and striking presence on screen, it’s no surprise that every project this rock star touches, always turns to gold. After all, he was voted as the "Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet in 2013”! We don’t know about you, but we surely fancy his disarming smile.

The multitalented stud has an enviable career streak, bagging a number of awards and endorsements along the way. His debut album had sold over five million copies across the globe and from then on, there was no turning back for him! Time and again, Zafar has graced the audience with his concerts and fantastic stage-show performances. His stunning vocals have earned him fame across the world, with a magnitudinal fan-following that stretches across the globe; the uber talented showman manages to steal hearts merely with his voice, not to mention his laddish, lanky looks that we all calls dibs for. Whether it’s by acting, singing, dancing, modelling or song writing, Zafar always makes our hearts skip a beat!

Happily married to his beautiful wife, Ayesha Fazli, the couple has two children together. Daddy to Azaan and Alyza, Ali Zafar is that dapper papa everyone secretly wishes they had. Word has it that Zafar was smitten by Ayesha the moment he set his eyes on her. (In his defence, we can understand why, the girl is absolutely gorgeous!) But we can’t help going giddy about the fantastic fairy tale that his life is; he gets the best of both worlds. Love, fame, money, health, talent and looks, you name it. As much as we love seeing him onstage, Ali Zafar is essentially a family guy. Well, he’s got his priorities right for sure!

If there is one thing that we have learnt from the Dear Zindagi hunk, it’s the fact that we only have one life to live all our dreams. Probably one of the most multitalented artistes in Pakistan, we see the hunk juggling painting, acting, modelling, singing and even writing! And that is certainly not it; he never shies from contributing his voice over on various issues plighting our country. Reputedly one of the most vocal vocalists (say whaaa?), Ali Zafar has recently started a #talknow campaign on Twitter, following little Zainab’s heart wrenching death, urging parents to bridge the gap between themselves and their kids by establishing a better communication ground. Our star is a living Robinhood of his kind, while he contributes to Sanjan Nagar School, which focuses on the education of females in the country and also supports a number of Christian students financially.

With his production, Teefa in Trouble – with Maya Ali as the lead actress – in the pipeline, we can already tell that great things are in store for his fans. For he is bound to impress us with his splendid work and we honestly cannot wait. We have always loved the star and something tells us that this time is not going to be any different. For when has Awesome Z ever disappointed us? •

by MAG Editorial Desk