Noor Khan – Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Whenever you meet her, she is beaming with energy, radiating positive vibes. Cutting the figure of a Disney princess, she is not just a regular face you come across every day. The dove-eyed beauty is as innocent as a child and dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry while keeping true to her norms and values. Noor Khan is set to become a household name when it comes to being a profound actor. In a recent chit-chat, Noor takes MAG to her fantasy world that is anything but a fantasy.

Growing up, acting was not on the list of professions Noor wanted to join as she aimed at joining aviation field. “At the age of 10 or 12, I thought I would become a pilot. Later on, as I progressed in life, it came to me that acting is something that I want to acquire as my career,” she shares.

Fully immersed in the art form, Noor is glad that she is a part of the profession she aimed at joining earlier and is “enjoying life to the fullest. Life is treating me great these days, on the personal front as well as the professional front,” Noor divulges with excitement about the progress she and her life have been making.

Sister of famed actor, Sara Khan, Noor is considerably privileged that she has a supporting sister on her journey to become established in the field. “As an actor, I am progressing as expected, I believe and I want to excel even more in my life and my profession, both,” she explains coyly.

Even though acting is something Noor can never say ‘no’ to, the Gustakh Ishq star believes that theatre is just not her thing.

“No matter how much I love to be a part of a theatre play, I know that I would be a misfit in the atmosphere,” the actress shares her concerns, adding, “You need to be loud to a certain extent to be a success in theatre, and I am sure that is the very reason that I have never got any theatre offers,” Noor speculates on a light note.

If you ever come across the Khidmatguzar actress, you will notice how naive in she is, giving you a chance to talk and not throwing tantrums, and she quickly admits the fact that she is “a good human being. I can't say anything about how good I am as an actor, that is something I would leave to my audience and fans to decide,” she reveals while giving a profound smile.

The petite beauty believes that acting is a combination of good looks and ability to speak and act, for only good features cannot support you in the long run.

“Pretty looks do help you a lot, being in the limelight and getting you offers in the initial phase of your career, but I would not say that they matter cent per cent. Inability to speak eloquently or act hinders a person's growth, especially as an actor, and I have a firm belief in this,” she says with a hint of maturity in her tone.

Still in the learning phase of her career, Noor has the ability to speak to walls without the emotions fading away. “I can act while staring at the wall, not having my co-actor in front me, and this, I think, is one trait not every actor is gifted with,” she reveals the secret side of her professional persona, adding, “I feel it very impressive that I can deliver dialogues with same zeal and fervour while looking at a lamp,” she says with a sense of pride.

The gifted actress is in awe of characters in Hollywood movies and wants to embrace in an action role like that of Angelina’s in the movie, Wanted. “I want to appear in action roles. No romance, only stunts, riding bikes wearing leather jackets and boots, holding guns. I wish someone made such a movie in Pakistan with me in the leading role,” she says dreamily.

Learning something new every day in the industry, Noor finds out, “patience is the key to success. Having patience is everything, I believe. In this industry, I have learned how to be patient in tough situations.”

This lass is super enthusiastic about the current year as according to her, “Work-wise, the year 2018 is going to be great for me as there are a number of interesting projects lined up to go on-air and [I] am really excited about every bit of it.”

Noor speaks highly of her seniors whenever asked about her chemistry with them, especially Noman Ejaz, who she holds in high regard.

“Noman has got an amazing personality, he is super charming. He is awesome as an actor and as a human being. He is a pure gentleman having an amazing sense of humour,” she goes on and on when it comes to her favourite personality in Pakistani drama industry.

Now, when she has entered the industry full-fledgedly, what is important for her, fame or money? “Well, I would say, both. Because money is important, every body wants it and fame is something I would not mind having,” she replies smartly.

When asked about the one thing nobody knows about her, Noor reveals laughingly, “I can rap, and I think it is pretty cool. It is my hidden talent. That was a secret until now.”

Irrespective of her busy schedule and workload, home is the ultimate place she wants to be whenever she is upset. “My family and home is everything to me because that is where I find solace,” the up and coming star says, signing off.

Make-up: Arshad Khan
Designers: Huma Adnan & Aamna Aqeel
Coordination & Styling: Thomas Fernandes
Photography: Zeeshan Ahmed