Mahum Jaweed - The New kid on the Block

Amongst a sea of all-too-familiar and recognised faces on the television, budding actress Mahum Jaweed is like a breath of fresh air. With a career which blossomed with an acting debut in romantic family dramas Sun Yaara and Sawera, Mahum’s spree of successes is yet to come. Her roles in serials, like Apna Tau Style Yehi Hai, serve as a stepping stone for the actress to mount on and explore her mettle in the entertainment industry.
MAG chats with the pristine artist about her foray into the business of show, her penchant for acting and her future plans.

Tell us about your background and the instances that went into the making of the actor you are today.

There is really nothing much to say. I started off as just another girl who had love for acting. It has been just two years since I stepped into this thriving entertainment industry, but feels like I have been a part of this for a long, long time.

What roles did you step into when you started your career? How did those experiences help shape you as an actress?

I began with the role of Laiba in Sun Yaara. Then came a series of TVCs. I also appeared in dramas Mere Bhabhi Meri Saheli and Sawera. For me, every passing day is a learning stage. You get to learn a lot from the senior actors in the industry. Just by observing ordinary people around helps me a lot in shaping myself for every character I play.

What sort of roles are you more keen on playing and would never turn down? Are there any roles you'd rather miss out on?

I have seen many actors replicate roles over and over again, but I don’t have that sort of mindset. My top of the pick would surely be a romantic girl’s character or perhaps a role that is very negative and badass.

Which was the most challenging role you had to step into? What, according to you, is the most challenging part about being an actress?

Jennie, the current role I am playing in Apna Tau Style Yehi Hai (ATSYH) is quiet challenging. Comedy is tough; no matter what anyone says but being able to create laughter on-screen is no joke. It’s a major challenge in this age where only good humour is appreciated because people have so many options all around them.

Who in particular do you enjoy working with?

Gul-e-Rana appa is my favourite; the energy she brings on set is just fantastic and contagious.

Are there any similarities between Jennie’s character and your personality?

Jennie is a model and actress who is new in town and trying to make a name for her. She gets into hilarious situations and the fact that she’s a bit silly too and lacks maturity doesn’t help her case. This role is at sharp contrast with how I am as a person. I am totally opposite! Perhaps, that’s the beauty of acting; you can live in characters which don’t relate to you at all.

Sometimes a method actor can go skin-deep into a character. Is there any role that you played, changed you in any way?

I can’t say the same for myself; as yet, I am still new to the industry and exploring my place here. I still have to go long way to bring out the best in me.

What goes into the making of a good actress? Who's your favourite actress from the entertainment industry?

Presentation of yourself. Being a good actress is lots more than just acting. In this age, almost every role is temporary. It’s important that actors enhance their skills or perform on different scales because we rarely have separation of medium in our industry. I personally love the work of Saba Qamar. She brings so much to her roles, it is almost real.

When you're not working, what activities occupy most of your time?

Most of the schedules are hectic and that makes me very home sick. Whenever I get time, I spend it with my family. Apart from that, travelling and shopping are essential parts of any girl’s life, including mine. 

Of all your performances, which has been the closest to your heart?

All of them had a different impact on me while I was doing them. It’s damn hard to pick one.
Currently, I’m working on a few new roles as well. The response to Jennie has been incredible. I am very biased about this character, it is definitely my favourite.

What is the one thing that you like about being an actor apart from fame and money?

I cherish performing roles and understanding characters which are a paradox to my actual personality. Sometimes it really helps [in daliy life] to understand people’s mindset.

Any projects that you're currently working on? Or in the pipeline?

Currently ATSYH is on air and yes, I’m doing couple of more projects which are in initial stages.
Hopefully, you will soon see more of me on your screens in lots of different characters. 

Hair, make-up, stylling & photography: Akif Ilyas