Mahnoor to Anya; Maya Ali’s head-turning transformation

From her debut days as Mahnoor in Durr-e-Shehwar to the sheepish and demure Mannu from Mann Mayal and now a resplendent Anya in the country’s most high-budgeted film to date (Teefa in Trouble), Maya Ali has come out to be quiet the seasoned starlet. While it’s for the movie critics to decide if she has really aced her acting game, we as fashion critics have already given two thumbs up to Maya for her impeccable styling and choice of sartorials. What a difference hiring professional stylists can make!

In her latest outing, she plays Anya; the rich and spoilt child of a Polish gangster, and once can say she has diligently worked on her appearance to stay true to the character.


Maya looks like the living embodiment of funk-meets-class. The bright colour palate of this skirt is seamlessly elevating a casual statement t-shirt, saving the look from falling drab. The addition of the metallic pale-blue stilettos, pack a good balance of colours. We’re glad Maya’s stylist, Ania Fawad stopped there; any more lift of hues to the look would be overdoing it. 

Skirt: Milly
T-shirt: Klotho
Shoes: Roger Vivier
Jewellery: Mahrukh Akuly 


We found the starlet favouring the elegance of skirts during her promotional rounds, and we don’t mind at all! A crisp white cotton shirt here is pairing well with a partially-sheer embellished skirt, and belt by Gucci. The floral works on the black skirt are giving this look an aplomb boost. Smart pairing of lemon yellow shoes inject a needed hue to the casual look.

Outfit: Gucci, H&M
Jewellery: Mahrukh Akuly 


Looking like a million dollars, she stands tall and graceful in an outfit by the Indian designer, paired with statement heels. The dark violet skirt with tassel-works remain the key component of the look. The matching earrings, minimal make-up and the beautiful skirt synchronise very well.

Outfit: Ohaila Khan
Shoes: YSL
Jewellery: Mahrukh Akuly 


It was a big night for Maya Ali, her first cinematic picture was to be premiered. She was calibrated to look her best, and she did. Clad in a black, texturised gown by Nomi Ansari with lacy trimmings, Maya looked ravishing; it was her moment and she looked radiant in all her glory.

Outfit: Nomi Ansari
Jewellery: Mahrukh Akuly


In a sharp contrast with her Mannu domineer who was usually clad in dupatta and shalwar kameez, it was refreshing to see Maya favouring western attires during the promotional rounds of Teefa. In an off-shoulder, georgette printed dress by the New York high-street designer, the starlet managed to morph into a human butterfly. Posing pretty in a coveted pair of black stilettos, gentle blowing sleeves, Maya channels a grace, previously unfamiliar to her.

Outfit: Rebecca Taylor
Shoes: ZARA
Jewellery: Mahrukh Akuly