Classic & Crafty

The resplendent Maya Ali drapes on the jewel-crafted ensembles

The old-world grandeur and traditional allure of Nomi Ansari’s exquisite artisanship comes to life, as the resplendent Maya Ali drapes on the jewel-crafted ensembles. The designer and the muse deck the air with royal personification, a traditional tale of eastern decadence. As the wedding season takes charge with festivity and celebration, MAG explores the intricately crafted finesse and beauty of the costumes, which whisper nostalgic tales.

It is a profound meddling of contemporary and traditional, resonating in the atelier’s crafted sartorial pieces. The deep round neck, echoes a trail of mystique embellishments and embroidery, continuing seamlessly down in a flowing garb. The jewel-studded outfit in itself emanates a moony glow, which makes the wearer look splendid. The atelier gives a shot of comeback to kameez over flowing lehngas. The unbeatable contrast of red and gold here builds the ethos of the festive occasion.

The hues of vividness and celebration remain the regal red and magenta, upon which a crafted mystery of patterns bloom. The midriff-baring, long-sleeved blouse furnishes the look with a sweet chasteness and allure. The gold patterns, wink bright jewels leave onlookers enthralled in its majestic tale. Allow your traditional decadence to fetch in pearly hues for a softer yet elegant look.

Cashing from the richness of heritage and traditions will never wane away. Tap into the culture meddling of heavy embellishment, embroidery, weaving an alluring masquerade of regality. The colours of orange, maroon, bottle green and vermillion continue to reminisce the celebratory aspect of the occasion.

Designer: Nomi Ansari
Hair & Make-up: Shoaib Khan
Photography: Azeem Sani