Fiery & Fierce 

Make-up possesses the power to take you on a journey of transformation, giving you the choice to morph into a myriad of personas. Ayeza Khan’s beautiful face is the perfect canvas for a make-up artiste to manifest his mastery and skill. Read on and behold, as the muse and the artiste raise the curtains on some dramatic make-up artistry and the transformations which follow suit.

Into the wilderness

Almond-shaped eyes and coloured irises were enough to captivate the onlookers, but the intensity of their gaze is heightened with smokey eye in earthy tones. Colouring the eye and deeply tailing the lower lashes, the look has a tribal element straight from the wilderness. Heavy contouring on the nose and cheeks helps frames the face. Accentuated, bold brows lures in attention to the intense eye make-up. Highlighter perfectly melts into the skin, rendering the cheekbones a 100-watt glow. The choice of a nude pink lip colour seals the look. The capture is rich in tribal elements, with colourful woven jewellery swinging down the ear. A metallic headband with a red woven craft at its apex, frames the head.

Of muteness & metallic  

The make-up finish cashes on its simplicity and muteness. Gentle strokes of contour and a nude lip go perfectly with a bold brow. Keeping the makeover simple, the overall look is framed using the styling versatility of metals. A vintage metallic eye frame to render a powerful countenance to the face, glinting statement earrings and shiny jewellery adds the bling. Black-sequenced apparel is the perfect tunic to carry with such a look. Hair is pulled back, leaving the forehead bare, with a few chaste gossamer strands loose on the sides of the face.

Exotic Arabian 

Visions of the desert oasis and exotic Arabian lands spill into the mind, as Ayeza adorns a gold jewelled headgear and layered necklace. Deep contouring breathes duskiness into the skin, reminiscent of the honey-coloured middle Eastern skin. A highlighted nose, brows and blinding sheen on the cheekbones give a glow with brightens the entire look. With a bold countenance, the actress stares into the glare of the lens which captures her felinity. The bronze, tangerine-esque eye make-up and coral lips fluctuate between royalty and rawness.

Minimalist core

A fresh clean face, brushed with gentle strokes of sheer pink blush, helps keep things natural. Framed with a tousled mane of mahogany hair, flowing astray framing the light make-up, the look draws a thin line between wilderness and being tamed. Things are kept minimal with a choice of glossy petal-pink lip tint. With brows kept demure and smooth, the face emanates a moonlit glow which has a charm of its own. Behold, Ayeza!

Midsummer youth 

Burnt bronze-hued eye, coral lips and bespoke bold brows remind one of the midsummer seasons, bygone. The hair is set loose with wisps of short hair fanning the forehead, giving subtle glimpses fresh youth retained in an otherwise bolder look. A shrugged-on denim jacket, paired with gold statement earrings and bangles, adds style. The grey eyes capture the onlookers in a primal gaze.

Hair, make-up & photography: Akif Ilyas
Model: Ayeza Khan