by Attiya Abbass & Eman Saleem
  • 20 Jul - 26 Jul, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
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The red carpet set, the chandeliers blinged to life and the mood was set for the night: young, extravagant and glamorous. Amidst black and gold, the crackle of excited invitees and the ceaseless and uninterrupted clicking of cameras, celebrities from Tinsel Town made an entrance inaugurating the prestigious Lux Style Awards 2019.

The “who wore what” lingered low in the air as cinema divas strutted in stilettos on the red carpet in their detailed, billowed and slit gowns and their on-screen counterparts looking dapper in tuxedos. The red carpet dazzled with stars and their beguiling selves made their way in high spirits in anticipation of accolades for their contributions for cinema and the small screen.

Exhaustively attractive dresses were paraded and applauded with oohs and aahs, the makeup looks aiming for bold and the hairdos going for an effort-full sleek.

The stage glinted with glam in the finesse of black and the touch of gold. Celebrating another year of phenomenal performances, soulful music and fashion trends with extravaganza and fun, the night kicked off, albeit late as always, with a dashing couple that Sheheryar and Maya make and we were swooning! With charisma and buoyancy, the two stars kick started the night with light humour and the witty comebacks for each other, the chemistry between the two emanating off the stage.

The night began with a power-packed performance with Eva B, bringing “Gully Girls” to the stage in an attempt to start the night on a go-big-or-go-home note and let’s just say, Momina Mustehsan got a share in what was clearly B’s moment. The affair carried on into the late hours of the night in full swing as nerve-wrecked nominees gleefully came to the stage to receive the fruit of their labours giving a note of thanks with “jelly legs”. The highlight of the show was without a doubt Meera Jee reminding everyone what a legend she is. Taking the stage to present a category, she says “love me or hate me, but you can never replace me”, earning cheers and hoots from the audience. Her performance with Asad Siddiqui was an entirely other affair that set fire to stage and beyond, with the audience not getting enough of her iconic self. Sure, Saba Qamar and Maya Ali made the trio that paid a tribute to Shabnam but who do you think won the stage?

The media sponsors for the glitzy award show was Geo Network. With more fervor and fire, the night carried on with its highs and lows. Read on for more from the Lux Style Awards 2019. 

Luxe of Lux – the highs and lows

Entangled in controversies, countering backlash and with a sum of nominees pulling out, the 18th Lux Style Awards finally got to see the light of the day, or the glitz of a star-studded night if we may add.

The Highlights 

Atif Aslam owns the stage with ‘Tham Lo’

In a way only Atif knows well, he sauntered in with easy-grace, sat on the grand piano and crooned a heartbreakingly sweet number, which made the crowd swoon. Time stopped when he took to the very centre of the stage and completed the song, which unsurprisingly won him the LUX for best playback singer for Parwaz Hai Junoon.

Feroze Khan dedicates his best TV actor win to Qavi Sahab

The nominations for best television actor were way too competitive. Amongst the lot were Feroze Khan and Qavi Khan. In a winning gesture, Feroze who won the award brought along Qavi sahib to the stage, throwing the spotlight on him and dedicated his award to the veteran actor, who he stated, deserved more than mere accolades.

Tribute to Shabnam

Atif Aslam sang the classic hit Mujhe Dil Se Na Bhulana as tribute to Shabnam, who was joined by her on-screen actor Nadeem Baig on the stage. The veteran film actress flew all the way from India for the LSA’s and was a vision in banarsi sari. Best of all was this light-hearted,

honey-dripping exchange between the veterans: “Baig sahib aap mere 30 saal ke career mein hamesha late aye… aaj kese jaldi aa gaye?” said Shabnam.

Power-packed dance performances

Some of the best dance performances came from Saba Qamar, Meera Jee and Load Wedding stars Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat. They appeared to be the better, well-rehearsed lot of the night, as opposed to the rest (read on, you’d find out ahead).

Meera’s moment

Looking at Meera at the LSA’s was like a breath of fresh air. She looked great and after many years, she finally took to the stage to deliver an exhilarating performance. In a totally unscripted moment she also clapped back at Ahmed Ali Butt's comment,”Meera hum sab ki baaji ban gayi” by saying, "I'm proud to be everyone's baaji.” 

The big lows (boos!) 

Momina’s eye-brow raising opening act 

In good faith we are trying to see the positive first – Lyari-based female rapper Eva B opened the show with her track ‘Gully Girls', which was a power-packed number till… the dance began. It is appalling how Momina

Mustehsan does this thing; making a laughing stock of herself every time. We are over the fence, whether to blame her

choreography, her low energy levels or just accept that cardio isn’t for everyone. Yes, more than a dance number, her performance appeared to be ill-paced cardio.

Problematic jokes 

Most, if not all, comic segments were more outrageous than entertaining. Special mentions to Hina Dilpazeer and Yasir Hussain’s which had our lips pursed. Another totally unnecessary segment was Syed Shafaat and Ali Safina’s, who threw silly jokes at Gohar Rasheed and Ahmed Ali Butt’s appearance. Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain’s segment was still a better one compared to the lot, if we ignore one demeaning comment from the Cheekh actress who made a dig at co-actress Mehwish Hayat’s film Chhalawa, stating that after its release on Eid ul Fitr, like a chhalawa it was nowhere to be seen after Eid.

Void of missing stars

Apart from a whole leg of important nominees like Jami Moor, Meesha Shafi, Eman Suleman and more celebrities who pulled out of the LSA’s, many faces were missing. We missed Sajal Aly, Urwa and Farhan, Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan. Also, after stirring a beast of controversies with his lone nomination and

considering the LUX Style board which still stuck with him, we had expected Ali Zafar to show up and embrace the award to his name, yet, he too was absent.

Uncomfortable hosting

Imagine the horror and uproar that followed when instead of hearing “The nominees for the best OST are…” one hears, “Feroze Khan”. That is Uzma Khan for you, who along with co-host Ahmed Ali Butt was presenting the award for best OST but was handed the wrong envelope. Awkward sequences, off-track hosting and missed cues continued the entire night, followed with abrupt breaks between performances. Perhaps with a few more rehearsals, presenters would have been better prepared. 


Ushna Shah

The mermaid Albina Dyle back bearing gown was every girl’s dream. The sky-high ponytail and the beach waves in ombre was everything her beaded gown needed to complete the look for the night.

Mushk Kaleem

The deep maroon shade with ruffles on her slender self was awe-inspiring. Paired with her messy updo and eye to match, her look had winner written all over it.

Saba Qamar

Donning an ethereal white mermaid gown with layered bodice, and hair done neatly in chignon, Saba spelled regal on the red carpet. 

Mahira Khan

appeared to be gilded in gold in a gown by Maison Yeya. The figure-hugging, glinting gown’s short sleeves were slightly protruded to make a wing-like silhouette, making the starlet look no less than a fairy.

Iqra Aziz

Two LSAs and a promise of happy-ever-after, it was a big night for Iqra and she was dressed to perfection to own it. She channelled Ariana Grande in a high sleek pony and a sweeping hand-painted cape.

Kamiar Rokni

Any man can wear a tux well, but you have to be Kamiar Rokni to style it to perfection. With a metallic chains around his neck, glinting studs and hair styled to perfection, he won us over. 

Sarwat Gilani

The nude neckline in net and the slit beige Saiid Kobeisy gown with sapphire and azure blue embellishments; Sarwat who is otherwise a diva on point, had us confused with what she had adorned.

Sonya Hussyn

We are usually in awe of her style game, but at the LSAs Sonya’s shinny gold gown with a structured bodice and pasted hair were a fail.

Momina Mustehsan

Red hair doesn’t go well with a bright yellow, glimmering outfit. Just leaving it herewere a fail.

Nadia Hussain

Shimmery silver, high slit, asymmetrical shoulder – it seems like there’s a lot happening in her outfit and we doubt any of it is working.

Yasir Hussain

The bedazzled jacket looked good on your now-fiance, Yasir, but it was an absolute miss on you. It was anything but an outfit fit for an award show, maybe aim for classy next time.

Mansha Pasha

If disappointment was a dress, then it would be this number, Mansha. We expected so much better from the star quickly rising to the A-list.

Winners’ LIST

Best Film Actor: Ali Zafar – Teefa in Trouble

Best Film Actor (Critics Choice): Fahad Mustafa – Load Wedding

Best Film Actress: Mehwish Hayat – Load Wedding

Best Film Actress (Critics Choice): Sohai Ali Abro – Motorcycle Girl

Best Film: Cake

Best Film Director: Ahsan Rahim – Teefa in Trouble

Best Original Sound Track: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Khaani

Best Playback Singer - Film: Atif Aslam –Tham Lo

Singer of the Year: Mohsin Abbas and Sohail Haider – Na Jaa

Song of the Year: Khumariyaan – Ya Qurban

Best Emerging Talent (Music): Saakin – Saqi-e-Bewafa

Best TV Actor: Feroze Khan – Khaani

Best TV Actor (Critics Choice): Nouman Ejaz – Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

Best TV Actress: Iqra Aziz – Suno Chanda

Best TV Actress (Critics Choice): Iqra Aziz – Suno Chanda

Best TV Play: Suno Chanda

Best TV Play (writer): Beegul – Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

Best TV Play Director : Kashif Nisar – Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

Best Emerging Talent TV: Rida Bilal

Model of the Year (Female): Sadaf Kanwal

Model of the Year (Male): Shahzad Noor

Achievement in Fashion Design-Pret: Chapter 2

Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret: Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design- Menswear

Republic by Omer Farooq

Achievement in Fashion Design- Bridal Couture: Kamiar Rokni

Best Fashion Photographer: Rizwan ul Haq

Best Hair & Make-up Artist: Qasim Liaqat

Best Emerging Talent in Fashion: Mushk Kaleem