Sync with festivity this Eid

Traditional calling

If you are someone who usually favours western, tres chic attires, Eid is a good time to tap into your eastern, traditional decadence. Call back the nostalgia of shalwar kameez through embroidered designs, gota work, embellished dupattas, paired with the tinkling of bangles and jhumkis. Ditch the pastels and opt for colours which sync with festivity. Think of bright hues of crimson, orange, blue and purple. Remember, festive is the dress code!

Eclectic-aesthetic embroidery

Take to wearing colours of maroon mauve, red, orange, lemon yellow and aqua green serve as bright magical backdrops to boast the intricate mapping of gold threads, detailed embroidery, stone-work and lavish embellishments. The multi-coloured embroidery incarnate dream flowers, geometry, nature in the crafts. Such ensembles are epitome of an eclectic-aesthetic signature style, which makes for a fashionable ace.

Cotton comfort

Let’s face it, if you are expected to be busy hosting lavish meaty luncheons for guests around the house having breezy yet stylising cotton joras at hand is your best bet. Make sure they are minimal, fuss-free and not necessarily drab. A flowy cotton kurta, printed or blocked with smartly-cut trousers should suffice. If you still wish to instil some festive drama, adorn it with gota. They are not only alluring to the eye but also prove to be the most functional clothing for busier events.

Layer and drape

With the befalling autumn, a lot rests on layering, drapes, embroidery and lacework. A playful blend of contemporary and old school style is in abundance with sleeves getting longer, long kameez making a comeback, sheer play on net becoming more in vogue, etc. Embroidery, lace detailing and colour choices are being recognised as odes to fashion back in the good old days, while still staying in the now.

Autumn effect

Autumn’s colour palette is far from conventional; bright reds and oranges, pale blues and green hues composed with brighter and deeper hues. And of course, an all-black and all-white attire is quintessential of every season, and shall stay this way eternally.

Accessorize for the bling!

Donning desi attires opens the doors to endless accessorizing potential, because let’s admit our traditional jewellery has an allure and opulence of their own. You don’t have to go overboard with the jewels, though.

Trust a pair of jhumka to inject a rustic, old-world classic glam to your look. Be it a dainty pair or rounded chand balis with an artisanal touch. Since bari Eid calls for a lot of hustle bustle and barbecue gatherings, slipping into a comfortable pair of traditional khussa steps in as a saviour. Don’t forget to strap a jingling anklet-bracelet for a touch of femininity. Ditch your trusted leather cross body for a woven fabric pouch, embellished with vintage spells. If you seek to ace traditional, might as well go all the way.