Burger O’Clock

  • 31 Aug - 06 Sep, 2019
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

There is always a restaurant which sets the precedence for more to follow, and when it comes to the insurgence of burger joints across the city, we do owe it to Burger O’Clock. A year or so earlier, when burger joints weren’t so ridiculously ubiquitous, it became the first of many to launch in the city, giving burger lovers a taste of the finest. In all this time – excluding the sporadic delivery on and off from the place – it was my first visit to the joint, last week. Aroma of enticingly melting cheese and freshly fried patties aroused my hunger, and our dining trio of three ploughed through their extensive menu. The servers cater to you with practiced courtesy, listen to what you want and then deliver. Pizza fries were their latest addition to the menu, which we were requested to order first along with Crispy Chicken Wings. Needless to say, their burger section had us spoilt for choice. I personally feel that burgers are best savoured in beef, but there is always an unusual chicken-burger lover on the table – my friend being the one, settled for Firebird. From their Extreme burger section we settled for Jalapeno Spark. The restaurant is noted for their continual reinvention of their menu, where they are always adding new burger flavours (and sizes) to fancy the burger connoisseurs. Their latest addition is the Belt Buster – four thick beef patties making towering sight, only the ones with a huge appetite can finish. After a short wait of eight minutes a piping hot pan of pizza fries arrived on the table. Fries and jalapenos poked invitingly from the dish, which hissed as we dunk our forks in, pushing through a semi-melting pan of cheesy goodness. It was a rollercoaster of flavours – spicy jalapenos, flavoured fries and saucy meddling of cheese swathed in all flavours had us swooning. None of us could stop ourselves from forking one bite after another, making it the first highlight of our early dinner. Crispy Chicken Wings swathed in BBQ sauce arrived next, along with our burgers. Firebird was your regular crispy chicken burger, but what made it a hit on our table was it well-balanced spice connotation which melded perfectly with its saucy spread. Jalapeno burger packed a crispy-grilled patty between freshly toasted buns and added smattering of jalapenos, making a case of a spicier mouth-watering burger. The last to arrive on the table was the mighty Belt Buster, which looked equal parts intimidating and delicious. I took a moment to lift the toasted bun to inspect what’s under, and behold – four, steaming and juicy patties of beef laid mounted one over the other, dribbled in sauce. Two crispy onion rings sat like a cherry on top. It takes you a minute or so to fathom how to eat this monster made of beef. At first bite – costing hoots from friends, messy sauces and a lot of tissues – the towering burger threw me off-guard with its falvours. Munching a few more bites, I was surprised over how the well-seasoned tenderised meat patties meddled with sauces, caramelised onions and crispy onion rings; with no ingredient overpowering the other. Each bite offered a tasty kick of meat, flavoured to culinary perfection. Despite its scrumptious taste, there was no way I could finish the whole burger which had to be packed for us. Burger O’Clock is a hunt for burger connoisseurs in town, and now we know why. 

Location: Plot no, 10-C at intersection of Khyaban-e-Nishat, Khayababan-e-Ghazi, DHA Phase 6.

Average cost for 2: Rs 600 to 1200


The ambitious burger joints guarantees a joyful roller coaster for every burger out there – offering best chicken and beef fixes for all tastebuds. Their pizza fries cannot be missed!


Colourful and quirky, with plenty of lightening and a good playlist, the place is always charged with bustling diners and an ambient environment. 


Servers stay on their toes to cater to your cues. Even on the busiest hours, your orders reaches you on time. 


Expect no expectation vs reality fiasco here – what they advertise through visuals is actually what arrives on the table. That is saying something!


If burgers are your ultimate comfort food, you don’t have to pay a lot here to savour its cheesy

meaty goodness. It is

super affordable.