Dye the tresses

  • 31 Aug - 06 Sep, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Hair colour is tricky to prescribe, because even though we all feel that annual itch to go a few shades lighter for summer, there's no universal shade of blonde that looks amazing on everyone. For you, maybe a soft caramel lift feels more fitting than the trendy beachy blonde balayage. Or, on the flip side, maybe a rich red is what you've been dying to try, and you just need a little inspiration to convince you to take the plunge at your next appointment. So, to help get you to your version of summer-perfect colour, we've broken down the season's coolest hair-colour trends, ahead.

1) Honey Bronde

Call this shade “graham cracker” – a honey-bronde tone one step lighter than hazelnut brown. "Bronde" falls precisely mid-range between a blonde and a brunette; most colourists think of it as a dirty-blonde colour with warm gold undertones.

2) Fiery Red

It feels apropos that red-hot hair colour would spike in the middle of summer. Celebs like Zendaya and Rihanna have put their spin on the shade, both pairing long red extensions with a backless dress – and we're feeling inspired to follow suit.

3) Boho Blonde

If you follow celebrity hair trends, you may have noticed that A-listers like Emma Roberts and Alison Brie have recently broken up with their brunette colour, taking their hair to a fun, two-dimensional "boho blonde" shade.