• 28 Mar - 03 Apr, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Power suits tend to live in a surprisingly controversial space. Early feminists said it was the ultimate challenge to the patriarchy, because who needs femininity? Then came the argument that feminine can be just as strong and game-changing, and we don’t need to dress like men, so let’s reclaim it, shall we?

But what we love about power suits is their ability to give us options both in terms of form, and function. Would you wear a power suit to brunch at a friend’s apartment? What if it was made of silk? Would you wear a power suit to a wedding, or to work, or any formal dinner? What if it featured sharp shoulders, or no real shape at all?

What defines our power, and what defines our power suits? Here are our favourities.

Velvet crush

The deep green velvet suit perfectly embodies the luxuriousness and charm of velvet. It might be your most prudent purchase when it comes to creating a standout party look.

Satin & silk

Remember how we said you could swing a suit at brunch? Yeah, this one is ready to be Instagrammed and the seductive lustre of this silk power suit won’t fail to enthral your followers.

Rule in red

Red is the hue that makes it known that you’re powerful; representing absolute confidence and independence, pulling a fiery red power suit off certifies you as a style star that’s not to be played with.

Pinstripe suits

A pinstripe suit looks powerful, but paired with the same pinstriped waistcoat and brown pointed-toe ankle shoes, it’s more fashion-forward.

Graphic prints

How are you supposed to carry a power suit like a supermodel? With a graphic print, a cinched belt and a whole lot of attitude.