"While I am thinking that it’s a global disaster on a human level, I also notice the planet is healing which I feel was much needed as we had become so careless about harming it and how,"

Urwa Hocane shares her mixed feelings from abundant time spared while in quarantine.

“For God’s sake, do not click pictures or make videos during your aid. There are people who are only receiving your help out of helplessness. Don’t turn their vulnerability into a publicity stunt for yourself. Karma is evil,”

Faysal Quraishi speaks some sense in an industry full of people banking on social media validation using donations in these testing times.

“I’m back!”

tweets the Mean Girls star, breaking the news of her comeback with a new single after 12 years of legal battles, addiction and exhaustive media coverage.

“Thank you so much for saying ‘bhaar mein jao’. This is the time to, for god’s sake, show some positivity. Show some unity,”

Maya Ali says on her Instagram Live to a troller, emphasising the need to ponder on their outlook in life.