Written by Julia Alvarez, the groundbreaking Dominican-American author of In the Time of Butterflies, hasn't published an adult novel in well over a decade. Safe to call this exploration of the relationship between a recently widowed writer and the undocumented (and pregnant) teenager who shows up on her doorstep anticipated.

Chosen Ones

Written by Veronica Roth, the stylish but grounded debut from Veronica Roth, best-known for her mega-selling Divergent books, follows five adults wrestling with how to move on from teenage fame – and the defunct prophecy that they were to take down an all-important, evil entity.

Conjure Women

Written by Afia Atakora, in this epic, lyrical portrait of Southern women, Atakora spans generations, pre- and post-Civil War, in its portraits of three indefatigable characters whose bonds (and secrets) are challenged by events much larger than themselves.