Lemon soak for your feet, yay or nay?

Lemon juice has a pH of 2, which is very acidic. While preparing lemon soak for your feet, don't add a very high concentration of lemon juice. Half lemon will just be good for a medium size tub of lukewarm water, also limit your soaking time to 10 minutes. You can add some essential oils to prevent your feet from over drying. Lemon is a good exfoliant, so this can be repeated weekly. It’s a yay if done in a right way!

Does laser have any side effects? I am considering it for my upper lip.

No, laser does not have any side effects if done by experts.

Any home remedies to soothe acne breakouts? I've tried so many doctors and prescriptions drugs, nothing seems to work.

You can try Aloe vera or tea tree oil. You can try fuller’s earth clay mask once a week. Also try rice water and besan (gram flour). Despite this, I would recommend you to see a dermatologist once again.

I am starting to develop fungus on my feet. Is it treatable?

Yes pretty much treatable, please visit your dermatologist ASAP.

Please advice some vitamins for skin health. I am in my 20s.

You can try Perfectil plus or Tab Cutimax.

My hands have become itchy and dry, what could be the reason?

We are getting to see a lot of patients with the same complaint, the reason is using an alcohol-based sanitiser frequently as well as washing hands with soap. Alcohol-based sanitisers tend to dry up your hands, don’t forget to moisturise your hands after use.