Yashma Gill - Not your girl next door

The openness to share your journey doesn’t come easy and not without repercussions either. Yet, last year, Yashma Gill on a web talk show shared the most personal journey fearlessly; “Gill talks about her conversion from atheism,” all major tabloids headlined. What reciprocated remains unknown because celebrity lives do not go un-discussed or un-criticised, but what we do know is Gill powered through with grace and confidence, and she has been unstoppable since. With only four years into her career, Gill shone through with big titles to her name and isn’t afraid to dream big. Candid, the Alif actress talks to MAG about life in the lime light.

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Who is Yashma Gill, before and after making a career in the drama industry?

Just a loving and free spirited girl who loves to act.

A character you played that resonated most with you?

I think some part of all the characters I perform resonate with me, but Shanzay from Pyar ke Sadqay is definitely my vibe.

What does Yashma yearn to communicate to her audience?

To stay positive and believe in yourself.

You recently went public about your conversion from atheism to Islam. Would you like to shed some light on your journey?

It is a very detailed journey which really can’t be explained in few words, but I think and I believe Allah lives in every ones hearts whether you have faith or not.

It must have been very difficult to be in an inner conflict with yourself and lead a public life. Did the conversion and everything that entailed take a toll on your mental health?

I think throughout everything I tried to keep my head high and my hopes strong. It does take a toll on your mental health, but throughout it all, what kept me strong was my belief.

Can you tell us how your life and interactions have changed after you spoke up about your religious beliefs?

It hasn't exactly changed, but it was a really nice feeling to finally share my journey with everyone.

What’s a quality about yourself that you love the most?

I am a fun and interactive person, I like that I can easily mingle with people and can make them feel comfortable.

A habit that you need to change?

Laziness and trusting everyone.

What keeps you going?

Allah is always there for me.

What are some stories you think that the drama industry needs to tell in the present day and age?

I think our drama industry is flourishing quite well and it is playing a very vital role in creating awareness, almost every issue has been discussed. I think there needs to be more content on our television for women empowerment.

What, according to you, are practices in the industry that it needs to leave in the past?

Criticism and jealousy, we need to empower each other.

As an actor, does it get tiring to be a subject of constant scrutiny? Are there times when you wish to disconnect with work?

I think everyone needs some me-time or family time. When I see people close to me getting ignored because of my work – I frequently stop and change my routine.

Tell us something about an actors’ life that we don’t know?

It is not as easy as people think and as it seems.

If you get a do-over, what would you do differently?

I'd be a lot more careful with whom I trust.  

Hair & Makeup: Nighat Misbah
Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Photography & Styling: Raza Jaffri