Pandemic special

Zoom has suddenly become the boardroom and Houseparty has become our chill spot. BUT question is, are these apps safe? While Zoom is working on its privacy concerns, Houseparty is a different story altogether. The consensus in the information security world is that it's highly unlikely the app is actively breaking into people's other accounts. Although relatively unknown until the pandemic, Houseparty was acquired last June by the well-established company behind the hit game Fortnite. "These posts seem very clearly to imply that Houseparty is a rogue app that is actively breaking into every part of your digital life and plundering it in a determined burst of criminality," says Paul Ducklin a researcher from cyber-security company Sophos. "But this is a mainstream app published by a well-known software company in Apple's and Google's official online stores." That's not to suggest that Houseparty is too big to get hacked. There are numerous examples of well-resourced companies having flawed products and many other examples of organisations inaccurately denying they have been hacked, either knowingly or not.