Decked in denim

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

Denim on denim works, enough said.

1- We have our eyes on this Zayna asymmetrical clutch in muted gold with a smooth finish surface.

2- Gucci Soho purple pebbled leather shoulder bag with chain strap and tassel adds an instant vibrant look to any outfit.

3- If you’re a fan of the sports luxe trend, opt for a baseball cap for a cute tomboy chic finish to your all denim look.

4- Headbands are the perfect boho chic accessory for the girly girl; add stripes and there’s no going wrong. 

5- These bold and beautiful statement earrings with a modern marble design makes them a memorable piece of jewellery to pair with.

6- Threaded with eye-catching brass beads and finished off with a large open knot, this beaded bracelet pairs perfectly for a casual look.

7- Get an iconic retro look with these round frame shades! Chic trendy-meets-vintage vibes for the win.

8- There's no denying: Red lipstick is a power move. Conquer any look with this bold red lipstick by Maybelline.

9- The Lulus silver metallic strap and tiny stones on the heels are our kind of shoes!

10- Metallic sandals are taking the fashion world by storm and we’re not complaining.