"Aren’t we done with posting cooking videos and food pictures yet? Just spare a thought – there are hundreds of thousands of people, especially in our side of the world starving to death and struggling to find food once a day if they are lucky,”

Sania Mirza addresses to celebrities and netizens who are endlessly Instagramming from stocked kitchens while fellow countrymen await ration bags.

"I'm curious to know people's thoughts on doctors/nurses creating choreographed dances in hospitals. I'm conflicted: on one hand I understand they need uplifting breaks, but on the other, these dances seem quite time consuming, precious time consuming. Thoughts?”

Ushna Shah’s tweet garners social media criticism over insensitivity and expecting robotic labour from frontline medical forces.

“I’d like to say that this is the first time I’ve actually acted. I never got the chance to do any acting before,”

Mashal Khan tells SH in an interview about bringing Hareem to life in Thora Sa Haq.

“When I auditioned, I was not keenly interested. It was a small appearance and I always feel when it comes to India they give sidelines roles to Pakistanis,”

Mikaal Zulfiqar opens up in an interview with Ahsan Khan about being offered a role in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil before Fawad Khan.