April, 1906 – A massive earthquake destroyed San Francisco

About 3000 people died in the disaster. Over 80 per cent of the city was destroyed by the quake and resulting fires.

April, 1987 – The first installment of The Simpsons was aired

The hugely popular animated sitcom debuted on the Tracey Ullman Show in the form of one-minute shorts.

April, 1902 – Pierre and Marie Curie discovered the radioactive element 'radium'

In 1903, the French couple received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering research.

April, 1992 – The first exoplanets were discovered

Polish astronomer Aleksander Wolszczan announced that he found two planets orbiting the pulsar PSR 1257+12.

April, 1906 – The 1906 Olympic Games began in Athens

While, the meet in practice was the second Olympic Games of the modern era, it is not recognised as such by the International Olympic Committee.

April, 2005 – The first YouTube video was posted

The 18-second clip Me at the zoo shows co-founder Jawed Karim at San Diego Zoo. It has been viewed more than 13 million times (2014).

April, 1957 – The Suez Canal reopened after the Suez Crisis

The conflict between Egypt and France on one hand, the United Kingdom and Israel on the other, erupted in October 1956 when Egypt announced that the canal will be nationalised.