Mothers Before

Written by Edan Lepucki, in a time when many parents are feeling the stress of being home with their children 24/7, this collection of stories compiled by novelist Edan Lepucki – in which daughters reflect on the lives that their mothers led before having them, feels more relevant than ever.

Perfect Tunes

Written by Emily Gould, this exploration of music, motherhood, identity, and the dividing line between love and lust feels like a time capsule of post-9/11 New York, and its time jump to present-day Brooklyn will feel familiar to many readers struggling to keep families intact under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Kept Animals

Written by Kate Milliken, early-’90s California provides a vivid backdrop to this novel that follows the interactions between teen ranch hand Rory Ramos and her rich clientele, including a troublesome pair of teenage twins and a beautiful movie star’s daughter, as each of them reacts to a car accident that indelibly changes the path of their futures.