Money is tight and the pressure is piling up, how do I keep my head straight so that I can function?

Financial problems can take a heavy toll on anyone’s emotional health. It’s normal to feel pressurised when things are getting difficult in terms of money. Try to prioritise your expenses in order to utilise your resources in the best possible way. Hopefully you will find a way out of this crisis so stay positive and strong. Count your blessings in terms of health, family and friends so that your focus can shift temporarily from the financial situation.

Are friends supposed to have boundaries? I get conscious that I am oversharing at times.

All relationships, including friendships, are supposed to have healthy boundaries. Lack of boundaries in friendships eventually lead to resentments and rifts among friends. You must only share information with your friends that you want to share and not what others expect you to share. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably is not so for a reason.

How do I shake off this feeling of not wanting to get out bed?

Your feelings can arise from various reasons such as lack of motivation or depression. Find out the source of your dilemma. What stops you from getting out of bed? How can you motivate yourself to do something that can create excitement in your daily routine? Have you felt like this for a long time? It’s important to rule out depression in your case. Please contact a therapist if your problem persists.