Please advice how to make the best of this quarantine. What are some skills I can work on? I am 23, fresh grad and looking for opportunities.

If you’re in quarantine make sure to use this time constructively. Do online courses, learn new skills or brush up on old skills that you once enjoyed doing. Spend time with family and be grateful for this time. You can get more information about online courses on my Instagram page.

What study-related activities can I arrange for my kindergartner?

Do flash cards and role play with your child. Spend as much time with them as you can. Explore baking and cooking with them, teach them how to ride a bicycle, play with them and read to them.

In your opinion, what other languages would be beneficial to learn besides English?

Honestly, any language you know is beneficial. Language is a skill so the more languages you know the better it is. The most popular ones are French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

I want to be a musician. I am 15 years old. How do I even begin and where do I learn?

If music interests you look into online courses and university programs so that you know a head of time how to prepare your university application.

I have no confidence during interviews. How do I rehearse?

Practice interacting with people, talk about different things, genres and interests. Most importantly, practice in front of a mirror. •