Exes Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are social distancing together

As the coronavirus pandemic wages on, people are continuing to lock down in their homes and the celebrities are no exception. With well-known names hunkering down at their lavish digs, fans are getting a hilarious look inside their temporarily idle lives, thanks to social media. In the case of famed exes Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, they're taking a strange step by social distancing, together. With posts on the actress and daughter Tallulah Willis' Instagram accounts, we see that the clan is buckling down together in matching pajamas. The former spouses, who were married for a decade before splitting in 1998, are isolating with their daughters, Tallulah in a post wrote, "We made the choice to quarantine together and for 27 days now taking every precaution." The actress posted a photo from their quarantining time, captioned, "Family bonding." And, like many families around the world getting creative with how they bide time at home, this family has spent their time together going down the memory lane.