La Casa De Papel (Money Heist): Season 4

  • 18 Apr - 24 Apr, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix’s wildly popular Spanish original Money Heist, kicked off with a band of robbers led by The Professor (Alvaro Morte) sneaking into the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. The series returned for its fourth season recently. A master criminal called The Professor assembled a team of eight master criminals to take over the royal mint in Spain, dressed in red jumpsuits with Dali masks. They named themselves after international cities: Rio (Miguel Herran), an IT whizz; Nairobi (Alba Flores), a forger; Moscow (Paco Tous), etc. Once inside, they could print money for as long as they can hold out against the police, their hostages and their own internal strife. The series was as slickly executed as the heist. It had everything a heist needs; wild ingenuity, loveable rogues and a clear sense of physical geography. We are up to season four, and the programme has become such a worldwide phenomenon that a documentary is being released at the same time. The gang are locked into their new target, the Bank of Spain. Nairobi is in trouble, and so is Palermo, a new character who was introduced in the previous series. Although supremely watchable, Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), the unreliable narrator, has always been a dramatic weak link, and the script stretches itself to justify her presence. This year however, there seems to be a desire to try and subvert expectations with these characters but in trying to be clever, the main crux of the series feels broken and distorted from what it was before. The Professor spends much of the time out of his comfort zone and away from pulling the strings until the final two episodes, while Tokyo is given a big task of leading the team which the others happily agree to. It all feels a bit clunky and awkward and it’s not until the final couple of episodes that the series starts to slot back into a familiar rhythm.