Work from home

Schedules, life and sanity all seem to be messy at the moment and let’s be honest, we don’t care how much free time we have, our desks are going to be reflecting our current state. Don’t listen to anyone that has advice about being organised and cleaning hacks; truth is, messy desks get work done. Here’s some things for your very unjudged desk, take a look:

Wall mountable and re-useable, so that you don’t make a mountain of discarded daily to-do lists.

Mason jar for your work fuel.

Wall mountable pen holder to pop your pens in so that you don’t waste time looking for them.

Channel your vibes in your mouse pad.

Go for the no-mess, straight forward desk lamp.

To keep your earphones safe.

Need a notepad? Here’s some cute inspo.

Alexa, you need Alexa. It’s okay that she can’t do dishes but she can have your calendar sorted for you.