Desi chic

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

Channel your inner desi girl and don’t hold back.

1- This vibrant handpainted and embroidered box clutch is a perfect staple to go with your traditional outfits.

2- These handmade silk thread jhumka earrings are made to instantly add a desi touch to your look.

3- This pretty pink lipstick by Maybelline compliments your colourful attire to the fullest.

4- These colourful silk threaded bangles are a must have.

5- Add elegance with these tassel earrings for a fashion-forward finish.

6- One large stone on a finger is enough to conquer every look.

7- This beaded pouch looks so chic to pair up with any look.

8- These vintage rounded shades are a 'yes' from us.

9- Flashing ethnic vibes, a pair of neatly embroidered khussas can enhance your entire look.

10- These vintage-inspired Bella Belle thong flats with rows of crystal jewels are as pretty as they can be.