Hues of the spring

The top five fashion colour trends to look out for


Ready to try something new? Why not spice up your wardrobe with the hottest new colour trend! From dresses and kurtis to shoes and accessories, this season it’s all about honeydew. A pastel tint of spring green, honeydew is the perfect choice for the up and coming season. Flattering on almost all skin tones and a great match with peach, white, black, beige and navy, just to name a few, what’s not to love? A honeydew formal dress with a floral embroidery will definitely be turning a lot of heads. This colour will ensure a fresh appearance no matter the occasion.

Classic blue

It’s official: We’re all about to be incredibly blue. Emotionally, yes, there’s plenty to be down about in the world, but visually, practically, and actually we are looking to be coloured like the sea or the sky this season. The high court of colour has declared classic blue as the colour of the year. Over the years, different shades of blue have come in and out of style. We’ve gone from cyan in the 1970s to baby blues in the 1980s, and softer shades of the colour in the 90s. Now, we have classic blue to add to the collection, and the feelings it can evoke make it the perfect backdrop for the year ahead.

Fusion of black and red

Some colour combinations stand the test of time, through trends and fads and colour ins-and-outs of the fashion timeline. Black and red (sometimes with a bit of white or gold) is just such a colour scheme. The combination is inherently aesthetically powerful, with red’s association with and representation of life, vigour, and fire, and black’s dark, grounding force. It’s not surprising that the balance of the two classic colours, black and red, is showing up more and more in modern trends. So, don’t be shy to pair a bright red coloured pant with a black embroidered kameez or vice versa, and flaunt this bold, bright colour combination.

Earth tones

2019 has been a year of vibrant colours. But if ultra-bright hues don’t suit your style, it’s time to rejoice! As the season’s change and the year winds down, we’re shifting our colour focus from bright and vibrant to hues that are inspired by nature. Enter: the earthy tones trend! Earthy tones are becoming something of a trend, and we’re all for it. These saturated colours feature-rich, earthy tones that you’d find in the forest or the ocean. Think rust, marigold, burnt sienna, sage, turmeric, deep navy, beige, white and prussian blue. These hues are moody and bold—but they also have a calm, relaxing vibe due to their neutral undertones. Earth tones go with just about everything. You can mix and match them with other colours and still get a cohesive look!

Pale-yellow + pale-turquoise

Yellow isn't a shade we've seen for a good few years now, and in previous manifestations, it had a tendency to feel a little harsh and difficult to wear, but the 2020 iteration is an entirely different beast: less look-at-me marigold and more mellow yellow. Delicate, flattering, and easy to layer, pale-yellow is taking over where beige left off: namely, operating under the guise of colour but actually offering our wardrobes a new way to wear neutral. If you're terrified of bold brights, this hue just might be the one for you. You can pair this colour with pale-turquoise. Pale-turquoise is also quite special this season because of its serene and calming effects. Apart from pale-yellow, this colour also works with other colours quite well, be it whites or creams, autumnal tones and even brighter colours.

• Hair & makeup: N-Pro
• Designer: Moor by Xanab Ansari
• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Photography & styling: Rohail
• Model: Abeer Rizvi