Table for Two

Since you are spending more time indoors, procrastinating in different areas of the house, we know for a fact that redecoration has crossed your mind. Quietly leaving a few ideas to oomph for dinner table, but none of the boring deco and traditional, here’s how you can enjoy a nice home cooked meal, with vibrancy and quirky elements.

You might want to practice some folding skills for your table napkins.

Salt and pepper, shaking together since eternity.

Bread basket for some fresh bake.

Handwoven place mats from Khaadi in soothing muted tones.

Geometric printed coasters that vibe perfectly with the mood.

Intricate without being OTT, this slim glass vase is to be handled with care.

Compartmen-talised, super cute and comes with instructions.

Uber chic floral dinner ware… almost too cute to use. You’ve already decided to shelf this one for special events, haven’t you?