Outer Banks

  • 25 Apr - 01 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

This April, Netflix is proving that it’s never too early to start prepping for summer with the release of its latest teen drama. Outer Banks will leave you craving for the future days of surf and sand. But in between its crazy adventures lies one of the most fun teen dramas that has premiered in months. Set in the island group of the same name in North Carolina, Outer Banks revolves around John B (Chase Stokes), a high schooler with a knack for trouble who also happens to be the leader of a group of working class kids called the Pogues. When we first meet him he’s an unstable leader at best. Months ago his sea-loving father disappeared in a boating accident, leaving John B completely on his own unbeknownst to Child Protective Services. Despite all evidence to the contrary, John B suspects his father may still be alive. And fueling his hope is the re-emergence of a fabled, centuries old sunken treasure, the same treasure John B’s father obsessed over his entire life. Outer Banks is so in tune with its teenage protagonists, the ridiculous situation that binds them together becomes little more than a backdrop. No matter how insane, you want these fishing and boat loving kids to succeed. One minute they’ll be brutally insulting their best friend or faking their own death to temporarily horrify the group. The next, they’ll be threatening to kill anyone who dares give the buddy they were just tormenting a distasteful look. It’s that unrelenting yet realistic loyalty that carries through its crazier moments. And things get crazy fast. From shootouts to corrupt cops, there’s something for everyone who thought that Ozark needed more teen angst. It’s not the sort of series that will inspire dozens, a decade after its release. But when it comes to the genre of addicting young adult stuff, it is one of the best shows around.