Coffee & Kareem The Main Event

  • 25 Apr - 01 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

The Main Event is Netflix’s second collaboration with World Wrestling Entertainment this month. It’s a feature-length movie, about a kid who’s a huge WWE fan with tons of its gear and clothing who dreams of wrestling and gets a shot at his dream via a WWE tournament. This 11-year-old kid, Leo (Seth Carr), who sleeps in a bed that looks like a WWE wrestling ring, and whose room is littered and decorated with WWE posters and T-shirts and action figures. On the way out the door to school, Leo’s Grandma (Tichina Arnold) casually reminds him that they have plans to watch WWE Raw that night, so set your DVRs! Leo’s having a rough go of things right now. His mom ran off with another guy, so his maternal grandmother moved in for a while to help out. His dad (Adam Pally) owes the bank some money, and works two jobs, whenever the topic of Leo’s mom comes up, Dad changes the subject and goes out to the driveway to mutter to himself while tinkering with his rusty old Camaro. Leo and his two buddies are, hassled by a trio of bullies. So, Leo dubs himself Kid Chaos and, after pushing the bullies off, ventures outside his bedroom, where he takes on the refrigerator-shaped humans who want to be WWE stars and play with them. Will Leo ever communicate with his father? You'll get to know that, after the story unfolds itself after a lot of twists and turns.

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