A home remedy or DIY for dark under arms?

Mix two tablespoons of milk and add two to three drops of lemon juice. Apply daily for five minutes before showering and scrub off when dry. You can also use ultimate skin cream for best results.

Fruit wax or sugar wax – does it make a difference?

Not much of a difference. Both are equally harmful for sensitive skin.

I have heard a lot of raving reviews for onion water for hair care. Is it beneficial?

Yes, it has great results.

Can I use coconut oil straight as a hand moisturiser?

Yes, you can. It’s rich in all the essential fatty acids and keeps hands moistened, soft and supple for a long time.

A home remedy for dark circles? I have the time, hopefully will have the motivation too.

Sleep on time and avoid stress. Keep a check on your iron levels and take multivitamins with B complex. You can use a mixture of coffee and honey, it will improve your dark circles. Green tea teabags frozen in the fridge works wonders as well.

I am 18 years old, female, about 5'4” in height and weigh 55 kg. I have been experiencing a lot of hair loss from the past few months. I used to have thick, voluminous hair. Is there any treatment or home remedy that I can try to prevent further hair loss?

Take cap. Mexaderm once a day and use Fito meta ampoules on alternate nights. Use Placental Alan shampoo and most importantly, take a nutritious diet plus milk and leafy green vegetables. •