How many packets of chips can I have without guilt-tripping? Quarantine has been hard on my diet.

I would say none! Skip eating unhealthy during this time. Because our activities levels are quite low these days. Still if you really crave them then stay within 120Kcal.

Should I start taking lemon water in the morning? Or lemon and honey water? I want to start something for my morning routine, please advice.

No, it’s of no use. Instead take fruits, nuts, or dates as a pre-breakfast snack within 15 minutes of waking up.

Is brown sugar better than white? I'm cutting down on sugary treats and want to switch to something healthier.

Brown sugar is a little bit more nutritious than white sugar. You can use honey or jaggery if you’re trying to eat healthy.

Is Aloe Vera safe for oral consumption?

There isn’t enough research on this. Some people do eat it orally for its medicinal benefits. Remember, if you are thinking of using it then you should consume the inner gel part of it. And please, don’t expect it to do miracles.