Are online free digital marketing courses worth anything and can I put it on my resume if I don't have a certificate?

Any course or skill that you learn is worth it even if you don’t have a certificate for it. A course that you take adds value to your profile and increases your value in the eyes of an employer. A skill or a course without a certificate can be mentioned in your CV under skills.

I don't know how to make a GOOD resume. Can you suggest a hack?

Your best hack is Google. You can Google different resume types and also how to make a resume. Your resume and cover letter should be according to your profession.

How do I avoid or reduce procrastination?

Be mindful. You will have to train your brain to focus more on your goal and surroundings. This takes time so you will have to first try practicing mindfulness. Another way is to promote deferred gratification. This is to train your brain to work on something in order to be rewarded for that thing later on with more benefits.

Best university to opt for for MBA?

Best university is the one that is best suited for you. When choosing a university bear in mind your credentials and what you want to reap from the MBA experience.

I want to work in advertising but my major is accounting. I am generally creative and have tons of writing experience. What else should I work on to improve my chances?

Choosing a different career path than your degree is absolutely normal. What you need to do is build on your profile. Do a few advertising courses and work in the sector even if it’s voluntary work.