Upcoming model Mushk Kaleem called out Iman Ali on derogatory remarks against young models


Iman Ali recently interviews with Iffat Omar on her web show where she didn’t hold back at all. Ali goes on to say that new entrants in the industry lack general knowledge and more and Lux Style Award winner Mushk Kaleem did not have it. Taking to Instagram, Kaleem writes, “I don't understand how a senior artist/model/ actress like Iman Aly can make such a condescending statement about the current models of our industry. According to her, the models who are working in our industry right now don't have 'adequate general knowledge. I'm appalled that someone I've grown up admiring and revering would make such a statement. What does she even mean when she says that we can't speak, or that we don't have general knowledge? I'm absolutely appalled. As for speaking in English, it's not our mother tongue, it's a second language that not everyone can speak properly, and that is okay. Getting an education is a privilege. So is learning a second language. Even though you say you're not being elitist, the truth is that you are."