Asim Jofa

Resolute in our mission to facilitate the front liners for their PPE requirement. We are very honoured to announce that we have delivered a batch of PPE at Field Isolation Center (FIC), Expo Center Karachi.

Zainab Abbas

Looks like some intense conversation but actually, it’s always a pleasure speaking to @shoaib100mph - loved hearing the stories from his past, asked him which player never feared his pace and he named Inzamam-ul-Haq!

Saba Qamar

I'm bringing you guys something very exciting and worth the wait! #Productivityin Quarantine #COVID2019 #Youtube


After listening to @SamiYusuf's Mast Qalander, I wish I could do something better with my art, how beautifully he sang in punjabi which is not his language but only for the love of ALLAH! Wow!

Frieha Altaf

If Mercedes can make ventitalors, Asim Jofa PPE suits, CatwalkEvents can do awareness campaigns, most businesses need to improvise on what is needed and how they can use their facilities to help fight Corona. @asimjofa #Covid_19 @catwalk_cares #FightCovid19