Kinza Razzak

“I like to brainstorm my craft so that I can bring about more realism in my performance and add a little bit of my essence to it,”

  • 25 Apr - 01 May, 2020
  • Alina Qamar
  • Interview

Pakistani television actress, Kinza Razzak made a stunning debut in 2017 with her drama Shayad. In her three year old career, she has appeared in several television serials including, Bewaja and Dil Aara; telefilms and advertisements. She is better known for her role as Taniya in Shayad and as Dil Aara in Dil Aara where she took the lead. The simple and passionate starlet won hearts in no time with her sweet and charming looks doubled with her elegant and graceful personality. Razzak’s determination to be an actress landed her acclamation in such a short span of time. And after a remarkable appearance in Dil Aara, she added to her fandom with her versatile and admirable acting skills. With big titles in her kitty, Kinza Razzak promises to play diverse characters in the future and characters that, she says, “leave an impact on the society.” The shining star speaks to us about her career, her personality and a lot more. Read on as MAG connects with her. Excerpts:

We all know you as an actor and model, but who is Kinza Razzak outside the world of glamour and entertainment?

Kinza is a very simple girl with a lot of passion and drive to achieve her goals. And she strongly believes that regardless of what you set your heart on to accomplish, where there is no passion, there is no drive to succeed. She is also kind, generous and loyal and doesn’t want to stick her nose into other people’s business. She’s adventurous and she loves experiencing new things. She’s spiritual and is on the journey to find her soul.

From graduating in Business Administration to becoming an actor, how did that happen? What sparked your interest in the field of acting?

After graduation, I started a small scale clothing business where I wanted to use expertise from my marketing degree. It was a success and it went on for two years then I went to visit my sister in California for three months and started preparing for SATs to do my Masters. Coming back to Pakistan there was a 180 degree turn, the world was making Dubsmash; I happened to make few videos and those videos got me my first audition for a drama. The element of acting and the love for performing arts was there since childhood but I didn’t know I will take it up as a career. Now I enjoy it!

What has been your biggest accomplishment as an actor?

My biggest accomplishment was to play a character from a script I fell in love with the moment I read it. Dil Aara had my heart since the very beginning. On the other hand, working with so many great actors in such a less span of time has also been a great achievement.

You have worked alongside veteran actors like Noman Ijaz and Abid Ali, tell us about your experience? What did you get to learn from your fellow actors?

I feel I am truly blessed and very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work with these veteran actors. It was a pure delight to work with them, they are the true institution to learn from. The comfortable environment they give to the younger lot is commendable.

How would you describe your acting style?

I like to draw the characteristics of the character I am playing. I list the traits according to my comprehension and later on discuss it with the writer and director so that we are on the same page. I like to brainstorm my craft so that I can bring about more realism in my performance and add a little bit of my essence to it.

Of all the roles you have played in the past, which have you resonated the most with?

The character I played in my first drama. Tanya in Shayad, it actually portrayed me in real life.

What sort of acting roles would you be seeking in the future?

Roles for me should be deep, unusual, slightly challenging and layered. Not typical ‘saas bahu’ ones. I am keeping an eye on some meaningful characters that leave an impact on the society.

How do you feel life has worked out so far? Are you happy with your achievements?

Life has worked out great for me. I am happy but there is still a lot to achieve.

If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?

I would either be an event planner or running my own clothing line.

What, according to you, is the most challenging thing about bringing a script to life?

What I believe is that there should be substance in a script.

What has been the best and worst part about being famous for you?

Best thing are your fans who are always keeping you in their prayers and fortunately, worst hasn’t come as yet for me.

Who do you look up to in your personal as well as professional life?

My eldest sister, she gives me true wisdom. She guides me throughout each and every phase of my life.

What would you do if a viewer left a harsh review about your performance?

Not take it to my heart because some people are very inconsiderate of other people’s sentiments. But yeah, I believe they can critique my performance, they have full right to do so as a viewer and I will definitely try to work on it.

Lastly, what’s in the pipeline for you? Any new projects you will be working on?

I am working on a drama Log Kya Kaheinge, again with great actors like Aijaz Aslam and Faisal Qureshi. I am really looking forward to it.

Rapid but fiery

If you could buy any type of food (right now) what would you buy?

Thai green curry with garlic rice.

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

The Pursuit of Happyness.

One thing you would put on your bucket list?

Travelling the world.

Favourite superhero and supervillain?

Superhero would be Wonder Woman, and supervillain would be Joker.

Morning, afternoon or night?


If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be?

Donald Trump.

Let's talk about fashion. Are you a shoe person or a bag person?

More of a shoe person.

All time favourite TV series or movie?


If you were stranded on a tropical island, what two things would you want with you?

Water and my phone (with unlimited data) so that I can call people to join me.

What is the first thing you notice about someone in your first interaction?

Aura would be second, first would be how they look. Personality comes after.