“The more you see people out, the faster the virus spreads, the fuller our hospitals get, the stricter closure of businesses will be, the greater our people will suffer, the longer we will stay locked down. You do the math!”

The importance of adhering to lockdown rules reiterated by Shaniera Akram.

“The earth was here. We leave. Respect your host. Leave with some fond memories for it to remember you by. Thank you Mother Earth... and yes... we are terribly sorry. #EarthDay.”

Planet Earth is a gift, one to be cherished and respected and not abused in our pursuit of convenience, a reminder tweeted by Ali Zafar.

“I found class on the streets. Went for a grocery run, old man selling toys (plastic ones) tried giving him money, nope, not unless I bought from him. THAT is class and dignity personified! Please follow better ideals, don’t chase fakery; they’re only in it for themselves,”

Armeena Khan writes, not reducing the definition of ‘class’ to a wrongly understood societal standard.

“Breaking into Netflix with Khaani was a special moment for my career, and now entering Amazon Prime with Romeo Weds Heer has made me even more proud,”

the ace actress shares happy tidings from her budding career with fans in an Instagram post.