My son is five years old, should I allow him to fast?

No, he might be able to control his hunger but end up being dehydrated. Do wake him up for suhoor, some children love that. Make him a part of all Ramadan-related activities.

My two year old eats nothing other than yogurt. NOTHING. What are some things I can add to her yogurt to trick her into eating solid food?

Add frozen fruits, oats, milk, chia seeds or make some sort of pudding. Add honey as well. Make sure whatever you add is healthy AND delicious.

Eggs for suhoor – yes or no?

A big YES! Eggs are good. Have them in any form from fried to omelet. Add vegetables, herbs, cheese if you want to. Pair it with a whole wheat paratha or bran bread.

Quick fix for nausea?

Take a vitamin B6 supplement or any citrus fruit.

Shall I switch to olive oil to cook my foods in to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Olive oil has a low smoke point. It’s not suitable for cooking and deep frying. Switch to desi ghee or coconut oil.