What are some basic skills you need to pursue an opportunity as a social media strategist?

Skills in any field can be an asset when pursuing a career. A few skill sets particularly for a social media strategist will be fluency in Microsoft Word, Excel and familiarisation with different social handles and coding.

What kind of jobs can I pursue if people management is my strong pursuit?

If people management is your forte then you can pursue a career in PR, interiors or HR. A field that directly deals with people.

I am 14 and confused about what subjects to choose for my metric? Can you guide me on what basis I should make a decision?

If you are choosing your subjects it is best to choose those subjects that you are good at. If you aren’t good with math then don’t opt for add math, instead choose a subject you enjoy. Also, see what your career options are, that will also help you in navigating what subjects you should be choosing.

How do I improve my Urdu vocabulary?

The only way to improve your vocabulary is through reading; read newspapers, articles, poems and books.

How do I look for remote jobs? I can do some graphic designing and write content.

Currently the job market isn’t very stable so keep options open for yourself, in doing so, build your profile. Learn skills and try doing voluntary, freelance work.