Hidden Valley Road

Written by Robert Kolker, Mimi and Don Galvin seem to be living the American dream in the sixties and seventies. Then, six of their 12 children are diagnosed with schizophrenia. It tells the true story of the Galvin family and how their legacy still shapes what we know about schizophrenia and the science behind it today. Goodreads calls this a “heartrending story” about the family’s legacy of suffering, love and hope.

The Book Of Lost Friends

Written by Lisa Wingate, In 1875, three women set off on a journey to Texas from Louisiana through the perilous post-war South. Lavinia and Juneau Jane seek inheritance, while Hannie is desperate for any information about the mother and siblings she was torn from before slavery’s end. Wingate bases this historical fiction tale on real lost friends advertisements that ran in newspapers following the Civil War.

Little Secrets

It’s been one year since Marin Machado's four-year-old son disappeared, turning what seemed like a perfect life upside down. Marin is about to lose all hope when a private investigator brings her some unexpected news: Her husband is seeing a younger woman and this woman might know what happened to her son. Buckle in for Jennifer Hillier’s new thriller, Little Secrets.