If you haven’t been able to pick up a half-read off your shelf and indulge in some productive reading, that’s alright. Focusing has been difficult in quarantine but only because you can’t get yourself to read, you can always play around with your book shelf décor, one of the most soothing and rewarding activity for bookoholics. Here are a few ideas to add a touch of love to your shelf. 

Make your own craft bookmarks with items easily available around the house. Easy, cute and something to fill the hours with.

If ‘perfect’ was a candle.

So that you don’t lose your bookmarks.

Matte black ceramic slim vase – a class apart.

A public service announcement.
PS: Stay home, make your own posters.


A dusty old leather bound handmade journal for a vintage feel.

Thematically fitting, position this cap perfectly but casually for a hip vibe.