Fauda: Season 3

  • 02 May - 08 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Given the vast amount of terrorism-based fiction out there on the digital space, it would be challenging for any writer to come up with fresh material. Fauda, has enough chaos both internal and external – to warrant each of its season. The third season premiered and unsurprisingly, maintains the tempo established in the first two. Starring Lior Raz as Boron, a Defence Force operative, the first season began with Boron being pulled out of retirement after his superiors learn that a wanted operative aka The Panther, who was supposed to have died at Boron's hands, is still alive. When Boron and team go undercover and infiltrate the wedding of his son to get at him, it sets off a chain of events with repercussions. There have been severe casualties on both sides, and Boron has gone through enough to put him close to Daniel Craig's James Bond in the brooding department. What actually sets Fauda apart from the other shows and movies of its ilk is its focus on families, on both sides. The bad guys are not depicted as the mysterious, one-dimensional terrorists that we usually see. It's their actions that make them menacing, not their appearances. We get a similar picture of the good guys too. There is a constant struggle to maintain a work-family balance and not be influenced by emotions in the line of duty. One of the admirable things about it is that it manages to find short but potent moments of poignancy amidst the action, and it mostly has a recurrent theme that runs throughout. However, as consistently engaging as the series is, one can't help but feel a sense of creeping time to time. Perhaps, it has to do with the cyclical nature of revenge.